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Yes, Day Seven!! I can have veggies, brown rice, and unsweetened fruit juice today.

  • Breakfast: cranberry juice, espresso
  • Lunch: cabbage soup, cranberry juice
  • Dinner: salad with brown rice (that’s the plan)

It’s Saturday, and normally I would eat at one of my favorite restaurants today.  I think my plan is to have a big salad with lots of veggies, chicken, and brown rice (a Mexican salad).  The real test will be if I can resist adding cheese and limiting the salad dressing.  Chicken isn’t on the list of “approved” foods so I guess I’m slacking on my last meal, but I’m in need of some real food.  I’m feeling tired and lacking protein…

Overall, I think there are certainly some advantages to The Cabbage Soup Diet, such as the length, and the pretty immediate results.  Plus, it is a very cheap diet (your grocery list is all fruit and veggies) and I’ve been able to save a ton of time after work when I’m usually cooking.  (Bonus: I’m able to blog every day!)

But, it is more of a “cleanse” and I’m sure after all this hard work, I’m going to dive into some pasta and cheese tomorrow and that water weight will easily return.  However, I’m just glad I could prove to myself that I’m capable of controlling my eating habits (and more importantly, my wine drinking habits).  And as an active twenty-something, I think I need some more protein and more flexible meal options.

Next time, I’m creating my own diet.  I don’t know if that would even count as a diet, but I’m gonna try.

Anyway, earlier today I was able to keep busy and not think about food.  Kiley and I took a golf lesson at Chelsea Piers that we previous purchased on Groupon.

Chelsea Piers Driving Range

This is how we do golf lessons in NYC.

The instructor told me and Kiley that we are “naturals” and our father would be “proud.”  Not joking, he was surprised by our skills and we both left thinking we may have missed out on our true calling all this time.  Guess we will have to hit the courses this summer and test out this hidden talent.