There’s no denying how important the art of nails has become.  A manicure is now a staple in every girl’s wardrobe just like the the perfect pair of shoes. Our First Lady is known as a fashion icon, but in addition to the constant conversation on who she’s wearing, she blew up the Twitter with viewers trying to guess her shade of nail polish at the Democratic National Convention in September. (It was Artistic Colour Gloss Soak Off Color Gel in “Vogue” btw.)

Michelle Obama's Nails, topic of coversation

Michelle Obama’s Nails, topic of coversation

Your nails can say a lot about you.  Three years ago, before I even knew nail colors as being part of a trend, someone stopped my sister and said, “I can tell you’re from Manhattan because you’re wearing plaid and have grey nails.”  Now leopard is the new plaid and ombre is the new grey – in both fashion and manicures.

I was recently educated on a new kind of “manicurist” that of course can thrive in our fashionable city of New York.  Kiley’s friend and past co-worker is a nail artist and she got to sample some of her unique designs.  Yes, I said artist.  Jessica Tong (AKA “Jes the Me$s) creates custom, one-of-a-kind designs that go way beyond your average manicure. Check out Kiley’s custom manicure featuring gold studded bows and hand-painted leopard. Also, browse some of Jessica’s artistry on her website and blog.

Leopard & Bows by Jessica Tong

Kiley’s Bow Leopard by Jes the Me$s

Some of her other designs…

Nails by Jes the Me$s

Starry Night, Studded Leopard Ombre, Sunday Football

Jes the Me$s, Nail Artist

Jes the Me$s, Nail Artist in her Chinatown apartment / nail studio

For appointments and booking, check out her website or contact

And of course, you can dress your nails for the holiday with some seasonal nail decor.  Deck your nails with some of these Christmas-inspired designs as collaborated by Daily Makeover.

Holiday Manicures

Holiday Manicures

Check out more holiday designs on Daily Makeover.

What’s your nail color of choice this season?