Gifts for The Ones That Have EVERYTHING

Wine Packages: Wall Street Journal has some great wine packages for the wino.  For $70 you can get an assortment of quality wines shipped to a wine lover.

VHS or Photo Converter: Remember when we printed pictures and put them in boxes and recorded video tapes and left them in cabinets?  There are services that can convert all of these items and make these digital.  Or, if you’re like me, and are too afraid to ship away your memories and trust the postal service with them, you can do it yourself!  Scanning photos, although time-consuming, is easy.  And for those old VHS tapes, you can purchase a converter that hooks your VCR to your computer.  (I got mine on LivingSocial for $19.)  A personalized photo book with those old photos is also a nice touch.

Photo Canvas: These make great art and an amazing gift if you’re looking for something sentimental.  You can find deals online, or even places like Walmart now print on canvas. Last year, we found a great deal on Groupon and printed a photo of my mom’s horse.  These are also great for landscapes, vacation pictures, or family portraits.

Ugg Mocassins: This is a matter of taste because my mom thinks they’re ugly.  But for any Ugg wearers, these are the most amazing and comfortable things you can put on your feet.  Made with the same comfortable material as Uggs, but with these you don’t even have to bend down to put them on.  You can wear them as slippers or outdoors as shoes.

Apple TV: For the gadget-loving Apple enthusiast that already has all of the other techie products, this is a fun gift.  Watch movies on iTunes or Netflix, view picture slideshows, and view anything that’s on your iPhone, iPad or laptop. Only $99!

Personalized Cheese Board from Etsy, with an engagement logo that Kiley designed.

Personalized Cheese Board from Etsy, with an engagement logo that Kiley designed for her friend!

Personalized Cutting Boards on Etsy: These make great housewarming, engagement, and shower gifts too.  I particularly love the state cutting boards which places a heart over your city.  (Kiley got me and my mom one of these – NJ is the cutest state!)  Or – crediting Kiley again – for an engagement engraving initials is a personal touch. Pair it with a knife/spreader that reads with cute messaging like “Spread Love.”
UPDATE: If you order on their website on 12/7 you can get 10% off with code HOLIDAY.

Beecher's Cheese Boxes Beecher’s Cheese Boxes

Beecher’s Cheese Box: My new favorite restaurant, Beecher’s, has great gift boxes that contain products you’ll actually enjoy using and eating, rather than having it sit in your pantry for years. If you can’t make it to NYC, they ship for an additional charge.

And on the smaller side, here are some ideas for Stocking Stuffers (also great for Secret Santa gifts):

  • Touch Screen gloves: no need to give up texting when it’s cold out!  This deal pops up on LivingSocial too!
  • Essie: All girls need some quality nail polish (apparently it’s now sold at Marshall’s for $4).
  • Wine Candles: Rewined Candles recycles wine bottles into candles and ships them anywhere in the U.S.  You can get any varietal for $20, or a 3 pack for $50 on LivingSocial!