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Yup, he turned the big 25 this weekend!  Better him than me, I say.  I’m not quite ready to be a quarter-century old so thankfully I let everyone else turn a year older first to give me enough time to face my birthday in June.

So, being the amazing girlfriend that I am, I wanted to make this past weekend extra fun and kept Tom in the dark about it all. I told him not to make plans on Friday or Saturday and so his birthday weekend was a mystery to him.  I’m an expert at planning.  Except, I’m horrible at keeping secrets so this was probably more difficult for me.

So Friday, I made him meet me in the arbitrary “South East corner of Union Square near the 4-5-6 subway station.” And then a few blocks later, surprise! We ended up at 99 Miles to Philly – the most Philadelphian place in Manhattan.  We had some “authentic” cheesesteaks and Tom admitted they were delicious, so this place must be legit.  I was 1 for 1!

Then we stopped at Burp Castle – a bar in the East Village which I guess can be considered a speakeasy… literally. You’re supposed to whisper and the bartender actually shushes everyone for talking too loud.  This was on Tom’s NYC to-do list, so I was 2 for 2!

Then, we wandered to Hi Fi – a bar in East Village that came highly recommended by both Yelp and friends.  And, surprise again! Tom’s friends all met us there.  3 for 3!

Saturday, Tom’s real birthday, was the real surprise. We headed into the city and we went to dinner at my new favorite restaurant – Beecher’s.  This was on my to-do list and  I have to admit, it was the second time I went there in three days.  Kiley and I had dinner at Beecher’s on Thursday before the release of Twilight.  So, I had to share this place with Tom (and get me some more of that Flagship cheese).

Yes, I have an obsession with cheese. But this place had the whole package: cheese, grilled cheese, and the “World’s Best Mac n Cheese.”  Kiley and I had went to The Cellar – the bar/restaurant in the basement.  But, that didn’t open until 5 p.m. on Saturday so Tom and I were forced to order in the cheese store and eat in the mezzanine, which was still pretty good.  I’m cheating by showing you pictures of my Thursday dinner, taken in the cellar, but we ordered the same thing. 🙂

Tomato Soup and Green Salad at Beecher's

Tomato Soup and Green Salad at Beecher’s

The "World's Best" Mac n Cheese at Beecher's

The “World’s Best” Mac n Cheese at Beecher’s

Then we headed downtown and got off at the last stop in Manhattan – Bowling Green, right in front of my office.  Even when we were entering Whitehall Terminal, Tom didn’t believe that we were getting on the Staten Island Ferry.  I had never been on the ferry or been to Staten Island, but it really is a free Manhattan Boat Cruise.  Sailing away, you get such a unique view of Manhattan – both the Hudson and the East River in sight, only divided by the southern tip of the city.

Goodbye New York City. Goodbye New Jersey.

Goodbye New York City. Goodbye New Jersey.

Tom and Lady Liberty on the Staten Island Ferry

Tom and Lady Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry

Finally, after stalling at a bar or two, we ended up at St. George Theater in Staten Island.  No signs or posters even revealed why we were there.  FINALLY, Tom saw someone flash a ticket which advertised in large letters “LOUIS C.K.” The latest and greatest comedian, our new favorite, did a benefit show for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  He did not disappoint – all new jokes in preparation for his new special, I don’t think we stopped laughing for an hour and a half straight.  And to top it off, Chris Rock surprised us as the opener!

St. George Theater. Staten Island.

St. George Theater. Staten Island.

So, I leave you with a snippet from the theater.  Of course the video is horrible, so just listen for the sound and the jokes.

Enjoy. 🙂