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I’m probably the opposite of a hoarder.  I throw things out, even if there is a small chance I might need them, because I hate clutter.  I don’t collect things, because it takes up space. (Ok, the one exception to that rule is my Starbucks mugs that I collect from every city … 12 and counting.)  However, the one thing that I keep, for no apparent reason, is wine corks.  Maybe it’s my love for wine. Maybe it’s because my parents have saved them from every bottle.  Maybe it’s because they make fun arts and crafts.

I’ve seen the kits that you can buy to make your own cork bulletin board, but it’s about $50 just for the frame and glue.  So I decided to make one truly homemade that I could add to my living room décor and also conveniently pin the few loose papers that I don’t throw out.

DIY Wine Cork Board

DIY Wine Cork Board

I went to Michael’s to find a shallow shadow box frame.   I actually found one that had broken glass (which I didn’t need) so I got it at a discount for only $5.  The frame was still just a little bit too deep for the corks to sit even with the frame, so I added some foam board to the back.  Then, I just took a bunch of hot glue and glued the corks into place, alternating horizontal/vertical alignment for each row.

Pin it! The old school way.

Pin it (the old school way). Yes, that’s Urban Olive you see pinned.

Confession: I used my parents’ saved corks for this one – otherwise every one would say “Charles Shaw”.  It’s nice to show the variety of wines as indicated on the cork (and some of these bottles were memorable too) but try to line up corks that are almost identical in height so that you don’t get gaps between the corks.

After letting it dry, touching up any loose corks, I had a crafty wine-theme cork board for only $5!

Wine Themed Pins to Match

Wine Themed Pins to Match

As a finishing touch I also found these adorable wine-themed push pins from an awesome seller on ebay.

Voila! Another DIY wine-themed decoration for my living room.  They match my DIY wine coasters perfectly!

Try it out for yourself – you already have the corks, right?