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Yes, that title has a meaning.  That’s our team name from Tough Mudder, which rang true throughout the 12 mile, four hour event.  I have zero upper body strength so if it weren’t for these boys (and girls’ encouragement), I never would have made it over any of those walls, or quarter pipes for that matter.

Anyway, as promised, here are the Tough Mudder photos!

Tough Mudder Team Pre-Event

Team “Guys Push Girls Over…Walls” Pre-Event and very clean

Just to get to this point, we had to climb over a 10 foot wall.  Then we took this photo.  Then the pain began…

Tough Mudder Start Line

And we’re off…

After a mile of running, the obstacles began.  The first, which fortunately was not photographed, was swimming through an ice bath.  Literally, there were cubes of ice.  You had to go under the water completely to get out.  Then a full mile of mud hills.  And more mud hills. So many mud hills…. It was tough.  I guess it holds true to the name.

Tough Mudder Event

Running through the mud, ice, and fire.

We didn’t pass the cameras too often, I guess, so most of our pics were just us running, wet and muddy.  Swimming was probably my favorite part because it at least got some of the mud out of my socks and shoes.  The worst part was the smoke chute which was a “slide” that was pretty much a 90 degree angle, dropping you into the unknown.  You ended up in a pool of muddy water, which I accidentally swallowed.

After the greased monkey bars, rope ladders, more 10 and 12 foot walls, running through the muddy woods, crawling through a claustrophobic mud tunnel (which had 2 turns and I almost had a heart attack), jumping off of wooden cliffs, etc. etc… we finished.  And at the finish line, they hand you a protein bar and a beer.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so accomplished in my life.

Team Photo Post Event

Team Photo at the Finish, beer in hand and cheers-ing to the end of the pain.

Next year?  At first I said absolutely not.  But it’s been a few weeks, my muscles have recovered, and I’m starting to think it wouldn’t be so bad to get pushed over some more walls. We’ll see…