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This past weekend was busy busy busy.  On Friday, I had a very New York City-ish night out in the Lower East Side.  After work, I met Tom at a bar that my sister had suggested, called No Fun.  Despite its name, it was a very laid back (and pretty reasonably priced) bar that was very Village-esque.

The many grilled cheeses at Little Muenster

The many grilled cheeses at Little Muenster

However, FINDING the bar was absolutely no fun.  Thanks to Apple Maps which is a horrible replacement for Google in a city where I rely on public transportation, I guessed my way through the subways and ended up in a part of town that I’m not familiar with.  My phone died by the time I got out of the subway station so I had to do the old fashion “stop in a convenience store and ask for directions.”  The guy behind the counter ended up using HIS smartphone to find the bar for me (which was 2 blocks away).  Damn I hate when the streets aren’t numbered and I can’t see the Empire State Building.

After the bar, we met my sister and went a few doors down to Little Muenster.  It’s a gourmet grilled cheese shop which is truly the ultimate comfort food.

Little Muenster #4 - Asiago and Butternut Squash Grilled Cheese

Little Muenster #4 – Asiago and Butternut Squash Grilled Cheese

I had  the #4, Asiago, parmesan, butternut squash, and sage brown butter with muenster – of course paired with a small tomato soup.  Even with full knowledge of the calories I was wolfing down, I wanted another one when I finished.  AMAZING stop if you’re ever in the area!  This is one of those places you bookmark for your city to-do list.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese - yum!

Gourmet Grilled Cheese – yum!

Then, we headed over to the EastVille Comedy Club, a small basement club with some pretty decent comedians some of which are features on Comedy Central, HBO, and late night shows.  (If you’re subscribed to the email list, you get tickets for free!)  Most of the comedians were great (sorry, women comedians just are not funny) and it was a perfect Friday for when you just don’t feel like going bar hopping.

On the walk home, we ended the night very Manhattanish, actually running into a film crew in Washington Park.  We assumed it was an NYU production but one of the guys that was re-routing us said it’s for a new show on ABC next fall. Hm, I’ll look out for that one!

Saturday was just a day of rest – uh ok, and shopping – for me because on Sunday I finally completed my first half marathon!   It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically, but the Sandy Hook Half Marathon was definitely a great one for beginners.  I’m still completely beat from it but it’s one more thing to check off my life list.  And, I’m even more prepared for Tough Mudder – 3 weeks!

Half Marathon - check!

Half Marathon – check!