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I love having the opportunities to review new products, especially when companies send them to me for free. 🙂  Recently, BzzAgent let me in on a review opportunity for Glade Expressions®, including the Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist, which offer “artfully designed, true-to-life fragrances” for your home.

I’m used to the dollar store gel air fresheners that you sit in a corner and wait for your house to smell like cranberries.  So, when I was able to get these classy products to spruce up the scent of my apartment, I was thrilled.  The value of them together was almost $15 – this is some serious scented stuff.   Of course, being in the most expensive city in the country, I still had to pay $1 over the coupon amount, but hey – who can complain about that?

Glade Expressions come in four homey (and elegantly named) scents:

Glade Oil Diffuser

Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser

I chose the Lavender & Juniper Berry Oil Diffuser and switched it up with the Cotton & Italian Mandarin Fragrance Mist.

The Oil Diffuser was a great scent – not too artificial and not too strong (which is my biggest issue with air fresheners).  It has a subtle scent when you first walk in the room and otherwise, it’s just cleaning up the air a bit.  And the design is meant to blend into your home (unlike my ugly dollar store gel) so it sits great on my book shelf.

Glade Mist

Glade Expression® Fragrance Mist

The mist is a staple in everyone’s home – you have to have a spray air freshener.  The Cotton & Italian Mandarin is as sweet as the name sounds (fancy right?) and the scent lasts.  It smells clean (which is my favorite scent for air, especially in Hoboken ha).

But, I can’t keep it all to myself – check out this coupon and try it for yourself!  They’re a bit pricey without the coupons, so take advantage!

Get your coupon for $2 off Glade Expressions.

If you want opportunities to try products FREE (you don’t have to be a blogger) check out BzzAgent and these other awesome freebie sites!

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  • House Party – Throw a party sponsored by various companies!  They great part about this site is they even have alcohol products.  I hosted a Godiva Liquor party – yup, free liquor for my party!

Enjoy the freebies!

*BzzAgent and Glade provided me with these products to review free of charge.  All opinions on these products are completely my own.