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Last May, after two and a half long years of attending the New School part time, I finally got my MA in Media Studies.  For my graduation, Tom’s parents gave me a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants in the city – Dos Caminos.  Last night, we finally used it, deciding that we needed a Friday off to just eat, drink, and recuperate from last week’s celebrations.  So after work we headed over to the Dos Caminos Meatpacking. There are a few Dos Caminos locations in the city, but I love the atmosphere of the one in Meatpacking – sitting on a cobblestone street, it’s right above 675 Bar (also in the BR Guest group) and next to the Gansevoort (I’ve heard rumors of even the Karsashians paying a visit).

Dos Caminos Meatpacking Location

Dos Caminos Meatpacking Location (Photo courtesy of their website)

It’s a bit upscale, and we sat on the second floor in the round leather booth.  Our waitress was so friendly which – let’s face it – is rare in Manhattan.  When she saw my “Congratulations” gift certificate, she got so excited, asking “Oh my gosh! Who graduated?” and her kindness was actually genuine.

Of course we started with the house guacamole – yum – and I had the Prickly Pear Frozen Margarita – double yum.  Tom tried the Mexican Star: espolon silver tequila, strawberry, lime, and sparkling wine.  It was so delicious – and strong – it ended up being my second drink of the night.

For the main course, I had the Dos Enchiladas – two chicken enchiladas, half in mole sauce and the other in verde.  I can never decide which I like more, so this is the perfect meal for me.  Tom had the Mar Y Tierra tacos (AKA “surf and turf”) which were made with rock shrimp and marinated skirt steak.  I would have never picked it myself but these tacos were REALLY good.  The food is traditional Mexican with just a touch of “different” to give it unique taste that is 100% worth going back for.

Dos Caminos - Compliments of the House

Celebratory drink – Compliments of the House

After dinner, the waitress brought our check with two complimentary congratulatory drinks – two flavors of margaritas, served in a champagne glass and topped with a strawberry.  They also brought a mini dessert in a shot glass made with pineapple and coconut water.  Both were AMAZING and were compliments of the restaurant – a gesture that most established restaurants don’t go the extra mile to offer.  I can’t remember the last time I was this pleased with a restaurant.

Check out the menu for this and other locations on their website.  Plus, stay tuned for my review of one of their sister restaurants – Isabella’s.  I only recently found out they were part of the same restaurant group but the high quality food and atmosphere make it clear this is one chain to follow.