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Labor Day is the last beach weekend of the year. Considering I was lacking in beach weekends this summer, I was glad we had last minute plans to meet some college friends in Ocean City, MD for the holiday weekend.

First, Tom and I started the weekend by driving to central Jersey for the wedding of a former colleague. She of course looked amazing and it was obvious how excited she was to be married which made everyone there so happy for them. Congrats Kelly!!

After lots of catching up and many glasses of wine, we Tom drove all the way to Ocean City so we didn’t arrive until 2:30 am. Fortunately everyone was just coming home from the bar so it was an interesting arrival. It was the gateway into a weekend of flashing back to college days and the partying that I’m sadly realizing has now aged me. It’s hard to keep up with our old habits but the nostalgia was a good reminder of how worth it those four years were. And I guess we’re not too old to have fun – we just head home a bit earlier. 🙂

The Bay at Seacrets

The Bay at Seacrets

As part of the festivities we went to the infamous Seacrets – the outdoor beach bar that is literally in the water. I’ve always wanted to go and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The first time we went (yeah there were several visits in two days) we threw our shoes on the beach and hung out in the water. (Warning: my friend’s shoes got stolen so it’s best to carry them with you.)

Dirty Banana drink

Dirty Banana – best drink at Seacrets!

There are tables, rafts, and a dock all in the bay so you can drink in the water. Waitresses wade out to take your drink order and the music and frozen drinks gave it the atmosphere of Cancun. I had many Dirty Banana drinks which were delicious and tasted like spring break. At dark they kick you out of the water so we weaved through the palm trees and twinkle lights to the different bars and of course drank more Dirty Bananas.


We had a great fried food dinner around the corner at Dumpser’s and went back for more Dirty Bananas. And did it again the next night…

So this week I will be running like there is no tomorrow and trying to eliminate the food baby that I developed from the weekend of living like I was 21. Half marathon in 3 weeks…. Ugh.