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Saturday was an adventure – I participated in the NYC Color Run, the newest crazy way to run/celebrate/raise money for a cause all at the same time.  The Color Run is exactly as it sounds – a run (5K to be exact) where you get splashed with all sorts of colors every kilometer or so.  Of course, with such ridiculousness, the run starts and ends with a party reminiscent of spring break (if it involved athleticism and sobriety).

Color Run: The Before

The Before

So, six of us dubbed ourselves Team “Hey I Heard You Were A Wild Run” and got decked out in white, sporting fanny packs and bandanas. We headed out to Brooklyn (ok, I guess that’s technically NYC) and ran lightly jogged 5 kilometers through the yellow, orange, blue, pink, and purple showers of powdered colored chalk.

Color Run: After

Me and my sister AFTER

They call it “the happiest 5K on the planet” and I think the event lived up to the challenge.  The Color Run in NYC may be closed, but they’re headed across the country before traveling to Australia so if registration opens up, check it out!  I think I still have a little purple between my toes, but everyone could use a little color, right?

Next stop – Half marathon in September, Tough Mudder in October, and then I’m taking the winter off! 🙂