This past weekend Tom and I were able to cross a few things off of our summer bucket list!  With access to all of the wonders of New York City, I sometimes forget to take advantage of them.  But sometimes, it’s ok to be a tourist and experience the city for all it has to offer.


The many macaroons at Macaron

So on Saturday we paid a visit to Central Park.  I’ve actually never gone for a good, long walk through the park and it was time I took the time to enjoy it.  Tom had also wanted to take me to Macaron – a French macaroon cafe that was on my restaurant bucket list.  It’s only a few blocks from the southeast corner of Central Park and of course the macaroons were AMAZING.  At $2.50 each, they were a little pricey so we each had a dark chocolate one and iced coffee.  I felt like I was back in Paris, sitting in the park with a macaroon and a cafe au lait in a city I love.

We walked almost to the reservoir and then took the subway down to Chelsea.  We intended to go to another NYC restaurant bucket list stop – the Rare View Rooftop bar that I mentioned in my last post.  Instead, we got caught up in Chelsea Markets (how have I never been here?) and walked around the adorable indoor shopping market.  I never realized it was such a cute, classy (and pricey) place.

Tom had never walked the High Line (another check off the list!) so we started our walk from the market and headed north along the outdoor park.  We eventually realized how tired we were (we had both gone on a very long run before walking Central Park) so skipped the Rare View and headed back to Hoboken.

While we checked a decent amount off our summer list in just one day, there are still plenty of activities for us to complete in the next 2 months!  I’ll be checking them off as I go!

  • The Standard Beer Garden
  • South Street Seaport
  • Visit Central Park and Macaron
  • Walk the High Line
  • Chelsea Markets
  • Eat some Mac n Cheese at S’Mac
  • Go to a comedy club
  • Red Bulls Game

What’s on your summer bucket list?