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In this city, sometimes I’m amazed that I ever get sleep.  The fact that I’m aging and I’m not my party-hard college self anymore is increasingly apparent when I start yawning at the bar…. at 11:00.  I moved to this area to sustain my youth and feel ok about acting like a 20 year old with a fake ID.  To some degree, I’m succeeding (except I only get carded about 50% of the time – that’s another sign of my aging self).  It’s weeks like this past one that make me so thankful I live in the city that never sleeps…especially on holidays.

Last Tuesday was a rushed trip to Queens for the Mets-Phillies game.  After was the special fireworks show which was way better than I had anticipated – they were synchronize to the music and tied in with some Mets history.  Afterwards the 7 train let us off near Grand Central, perfect location for stopping into Bierhaus for a beer.  As it turns out, you get a FREE drink with a same-day Mets or Yankees ticket!

Beekman Beer Garden

Drinking in front of the Brooklyn Bridge at Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club.

Wednesday was a big holiday. It started with an all-you-can drink brunch at Il Bastardo (food was “eh”, drinks were ok but they were bottomless so WORTH it).   The food doesn’t make it worthy of my Eat & Drink NYC map, but the atmosphere was insane for 1:00 in the afternoon and for that, I would recommend it.

From there, we went to one of my new favorite spots, Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club at the South Street Seaport (yes, this one is on my map).  It’s an awesome outdoor atmosphere perfect for day drinking and meeting fun people.  The secret is to go to the cash bar closest to the river.  🙂

At night, we had some exclusive access to a very cool party on the Hudson to watch the fireworks.  We had the best view in the city – I had to admit, even better than in hometown Hoboken.

So, amidst my adventures, I wanted to share a few more recos for fun in the sun in NYC.

If you’re a puppy lover like myself and my sister (who never leaves the house without her Chihuahua-Pekingese) then it’s important to keep note of the dog-friendly spots in NYC.  Check out this list from the Daily Candy:

  • The Levee – The Williamsburg hangover haven is stocked with whiskey drinks, Jim Beam creams, and addictive Frito pie — just be sure to slip your best friend a few nibbles.
  • Canal BarYou’ve been working like a dog and are in need of a fuss-free scene. A cozy Gowanus drinking spot with Americana decor and outdoor grill is just what the vet ordered. 
  • Prospect Park Dog BeachSummer is sweltering enough in cutoffs let alone a fur coat. Boiling fuzz balls cool off at New York’s only dog beach deep inside the park.
  • Bocce’s Bakery Biscuit BikeNew York pups love gourmet flavors like PB&J, truffle mac and cheese, and even lobster roll. We won’t tell if you sneak a taste yourself. 
  • The ParkA converted taxi garage where cats and canines can hang on the shady sidewalk patio. Plus, you can cross the West Side Highway to play at the actual park after brunch

To add to this list, a few favorite bars that allow pups are Boat Basin Cafe uptown, The Frying Pan (the boat on the Hudson), and a few more!

Also, just to keep in mind – NYC Restaurant Week is coming up!  Start planning your weeknight menus and get ready to dine out every night in the culinary wonders of NYC.  Restaurant Week is July 16 – August 10th!  (For my fellow Hudson county natives, Hudson Restaurant Week is nestled in, participating July 23 – August 3.)

Enjoy your eating and drinking!